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Sealing and Expunging a Criminal Record – Benefits and Reasons for Denial

As a bent aegis advocate in Fort Lauderdale, I oftentimes accept inquiries apropos whether a applicant is acceptable to allowance or expunge their bent record. I created this “cheat sheet” for my audience to accept the allowances of sealing or expunging a bent almanac and the accepted affirmation for denial.


Due to the bread-and-butter downturn, the unemployment amount in the United States is aerial about 9%-10%. As a result, administration can be actual accurate with their new hires and may avert hiring an alone with any bent record. Worse yet, with advances in technology, administration can inexpensively bare your bent history from anywhere in the United States with no time limitations. I afresh had a applicant accursed from his job for not admonition a abomination marijuana allegation from 1978! In accession to employers, bent accomplishments checks are accepted if applying for housing, able licenses, aegis clearance, and assertive coffer loans. I accept even heard of abeyant dating ally researching an individuals’ bent history afore dates.

When you expunge your bent record, your bent history is no best attainable to the public. Such bent history includes your Court Case number, your Jail file, and the badge almanac of the adventure (i.e. apparent could cause affidavit). Please be aware, that if you were arrested for a crime, even if the accuse were never filed or your case was absolved for any reason, the almanac of your arrest and Court Case charcoal accessible admission until you expunge your case. It is account repeating that even if the State Attorney’s Office “dropped” or appear a Nolle Prosequi (“Dismissal”) of your case, the almanac of your arrest and Court Case are still accessible for administration to appearance until you expunge your case.

In a lot of situations (including all expungements), you may accurately abjure that you were anytime arrested for the abomination that you had closed or expunged. Think of the amount of not accepting to acquaint an employer of your active bloomer or poor-behavior that is currently abrogation an enduring mark on your resume. The cost-benefit of spending a few hundred dollars to appoint an advocate to allowance or expunge your almanac could potentially net you tens of bags of dollars in the future. Please note, in Florida, it takes about 6-7 months for a Court to expunge your record. As a result, be proactive – do not delay until you are applying for a new job afore petitioning the Court to expunge your case.

Common Affirmation for Abnegation

I accept dozens of buzz calls a year from individuals who were break brash by their antecedent bent aegis advocate that they can allowance their almanac of the arrest. I am consistently afraid if bent aegis attorneys color the law on sealing as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement provides a abundant account on their website of which crimes are disqualified to be closed or expunged.

By far, the a lot of accepted analysis I accustomed apropos the bent breach of Driving While Under the Influence. In the State of Florida, anyone who accepts a appeal to Driving While Under the Influence receives an Acknowledgment of Guilt. An alone cannot accept a Abstain of Acknowledgment to Driving While Under the Influence, unless the State Advocate changes the allegation to Reckless Driving. The law is bright that an alone CANNOT allowance or expunge their almanac if they accept anytime been ADJUDICATED accusable of any bent offense, including Driving While Under the Influence or Driving While License Suspended.

The additional a lot of accepted analysis apropos individuals who were break brash by their antecedent bent aegis advocate that they can consistently allowance the almanac of their arrest if they accustomed a WITHHOLD of ADJUDICATION to the charge. Again, I accede this acknowledged abuse because the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website accurately enumerates which crimes are disqualified to be sealed, behindhand if acknowledgment of answerability was withheld. Of note, all the disqualified offenses are listed in Fla. Stat. 907.041.

Criminal aegis attorneys a lot of generally adulterate that the afterward crimes can be closed if the applicant accustomed a abstain of adjudication: (1) Burglary of a Dwelling; (2) Any act of calm violence; and (3) Stalking. These accuse cannot be closed even if the allegation is a abomination and you accustomed a abstain of adjudication. In addition, an alone can alone allowance or expunge their almanac on ONE occasion. An alone cannot allowance a allegation in 2010 and apprehend to allowance addition allegation in 2011.

Although you do not allegation an advocate to address the Court to allowance or expunge your bent record, it is my advocacy to appoint an accomplished bent aegis advocate to handle this amount for you. A lot of attorneys in Florida will allegation anywhere amid $500.00 – $1,000.00 for this service. As authoritative abiding you accurately allowance or expunge your bent almanac could be one of the a lot of important decisions you accomplish in your lifetime, it is benign to accomplish abiding it is done properly.

The admonition in this commodity website was developed by Lyons, Snyder & Collin, P.A. for advisory purposes alone and should not be advised acknowledged advice. The manual and cancellation of admonition from this commodity does not anatomy or aggregate an attorney-client accord with Lyons, Snyder & Collin. Persons accepting the admonition from this commodity should not act aloft the admonition provided after gluttonous profession acknowledged counsel.

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